Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mother Daughter Matching Outfits

What can I say? I  am old school. I like how people used to dress up in the 50's. I love the idea that they always look so polish and seem to care about what they wore. Especially the idea of a mother-daughter matching outfit. I just like it.

Mau bilang apa ya? Saya kadang-kadang agak old fashion. Saya suka sekali dengan cara berpakaian orang-orang di tahun 50-an, terutama orang-orang di Amerika. Saya senang melihat orang-orang di tahun 50-an sangatlah stylist dan selalu terlihat rapi. Mereka sepertinya sangat peduli sama penampilan dan pakaian yang mereka pakai. Yang paling saya suka dari gaya berbusana di tahun 50-an adalah pakaian yang mathing antara ibu dan anak perempuannya. 

Kalau di Indonesia pakaian keluarga yang matching mungkin sudah biasa, terutama untuk busana Batik. Banyak dijual seraham Batik untuk keluarga, terutama yang sering dipakai para keluarga Muslim di hari Raya. 

I was head over heels when I found out on my second pregnancy I carried a baby girl. Like many other mothers, I like dressing up my daughter. And things are getting more fun since I have learned how to sew my own clothes. I make several clothes for myself and my daughter, some are matching dresses and skirts.

Saya senang sekali waktu saya mengetahui kehamilan kedua saya adalah anak perempuan. Seperti kebanyakan ibu-ibu, saya sangat senang mendandani (membeli dan memilih baju) untuk anak saya. Lebih menyenangkan lagi pada saat saya mulai dapat menjahit pakain sendiri. Saya menjahit beberapa baju dan rok untuk saya dan anak perempuan saya, beberapa pakaian tersebut saya buat matching.

My daughter and I wore our matching outfits mostly on Mother's Day, and we have been doing this in the last four years. It's fun and we both are always proud every time we got compliments on our dresses. To me, I make it a tradition. A tradition that I hope my daughter will remember someday, and will retell it to her children.

Setiap perayaan Hari Ibu di Amerika, kami berdua selalu memakai pakaian yang sama, dan hal ini telah keami lakukan sejak empat tahun terakhir. Kami senang dan bangga setiap kali mendapat pujian atas pakain matching kami. Di Amerika, jarang sekali ada ibu-anak yang memakai pakaian yan sama. Bagi saya pribadi hal ini menjadi suatu tradisi. Sebuah tradisi yang saya harap anak diceritakan oleh anak saya kepada anak-anaknya suatu hari nanti.

Our first mother-daughter matching outfit - Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day 2015

These are outfits we wore on Idul Fitri 2015 and 2014. I made these matching outfit for the whole family.

Berikut adalah paakaian yang kami pakai saat Idul Fitri 2014 dan 2015. Saya jahit sendiri baju "Batik" untuk seluruh keluarga.

Idul Fitri 2015

Idul Fitri 2014

And on Halloween 2014, we both dressed up as The Raggedy Ann dolls.

Halloween costume - Raggedy Ann dolls

Now I am thinking what matching outfit I am going to make next.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

So What If Boys Play With Dolls

One article caught my eyes tonight as I was scrolling down my Facebook News Feed. It is an article from Parents Magazine about Adele strolling her son in Disneyland. But what interesting is, her son dressed as Anna from Frozen. The article is HERE

I think Adele is cool. I am impressed, I personally wouldn’t have done it to my son. How would I? I wouldn’t even let him to like pink. Yes, I am that pathetic mother, but it was then, now I have evolved.

When my son was 2 years old he used to like the color pink and this attraction to pink continued until he was about 3 years old. I used to tell him that pink is the color for girls and blue is the color for boys. How ignorant was I? Little did I know that pink actually used to be the color for boys and blue used to be the color for girls. Gender identification by color began in the early 20th century in the Western world.  Before this, pink and blue did not hold any gender specific connotations. Pink was deemed by many guides to be more appropriate for boy and blue for girls, although this wasn’t even remotely as popular as the “pink” for girls, blue is for “boys” association that exist today; many people completely ignored the gender recommendation all together. For reasons unknown, this all started to change around the 1940’s when clothing manufacturers decided on pink for girls and blue for boys. I am sure you are also well aware that during the Roman era men wore skirts, tunic, long dresses and strappy sandals. The Middle Eastern men and the Arabs to this day still wear long dresses.
When my son was a baby, he was attached to his stuffy toy. He slept with it, he carried it wherever he went and this continued until he was about five years old.  When he was 4 years old, I gave birth to a baby girl and soon enough, our house is filled with boy’s toys and girl’s toy. My son loves playing with Thomas The Train, and my daughter loves Barbie and princesses; sometimes she would ask her brother to play along with her and her dolls. I saw them playing together with Barbie, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and dolls. My concern grew some more. I was worry that he’d end up liking dolls more than the boy’s toys.I was worried about his sexual identity or sexual orientation. I spoke with my husband about it and he did not have any concern whatsoever. I was disappointed, mostly upset. How could he not worry about it?
His comment was so simple, “He is just a four-year-old kid. He will change. Today he likes playing dolls with his sister, tomorrow he will play Mario Brothers”.

I did some research about boys who likes to play with dolls. What I read comforted me. Several articles mentioned that it is normal for boys to play with dolls. That wouldn’t suggest that he has feminine tendencies. He’s curious about the opposite gender in girl’s dolls. It is an indication that he nurtures, he’s being a good big brother. He’ll make a good father someday, just like his own dad.

Looking back, I felt embarrassed about my attitude. My son is now 9 years old. He’s over playing with dolls or liking the color pink since he was 6 years old. He does not care about colors or dolls anymore. He wears white, black, blue, yellow, pink, red, purple, brown or whatever. He likes Taekwondo, he likes playing Minecraft. Although, once in awhile to please his little sister, he would sit in her room to play Barbie with her, only because she asked him to, only because he wanted to be a good big brother. He knew if he refused, it will make his sister sad. I can always tell he’s bored but he sucked it up. My heart melts everytime I see that. To this day, my daughter understands that her brother does not like to play with dolls anymore, he’d rather play with Minecraft, building something and fighting those Creepers.

I read so many negative comments about what Adele did to her son. Why can’t we just accept the fact that Adele just simply did something that make her son happy because he loves Anna from Frozen. It does not necessary means she’s trying to change or to confuse him with his gender identity. In different occasion, I saw pictures of her son wearing normal boy clothes and even Spiderman costume.

Why is it okay for a girl to play with cars, trucks or dress up as Spiderman, Superman or Batman but we feel uncomfortable when a boy play with dolls.
Double standard, isn't it?. Society continues to see masculinity in girls as a strength and femininity in boys as a weakness. We tell little girls that they can be anything they want to be: doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, astronaut, president. But we shy away from giving little boys the same courtesy of unlimited potential. How often do we tell boys that they would make a wonderful primary caregiver parent, elementary school teacher, hairstylist, fashion designer, dancer, nurse, spouse of the president?

Kids will be kids. They evolve every single day. There is a kid who believe he is Kermit The Frog, does that mean he is going to be a frog?.
I played with my brother's cars, trucks, and all the other boy stuffs. Dolls and princesses never attracted me. I screamed bloody hell when my mother put dress or skirt on me. I lived in T-shirts, shorts and pants. I used to wish I was a boy because boys are strong. But look who I turned out to be, just because I loved boy’s toys and I wore skirts, I did not turn out to be a boy. My sexual orientation does not change, my gender identity remains the same. Now I love wearing dress and I feel the sexiest in it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Crème Brûlée

If I could pick up a line from Stevie Wonder's song, Lately, then I'd sing..."I am the woman with many wishes, I hope my premonition misses. But what I really feel, my eyes won't let me hide,..."

Well, I am the woman with many wishes and I just could not stop. From sewing now onto cooking. I love doing both. I cook a lot but I rarely write about it on my blog.

Back to the  song, my eyes won't let me hide indeed because when I looked at that homemade 
Crème Brûlée video from Tasty, I could not stop thinking about it. So this morning, after not being able to find a culinary torch at Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and definitely I can't wait for another day or two to get it from Amazon, I drove to Crate and Barrel to get the kitchen torch. Why Crate and Barrel? because their torch has good review. It matters to me. Anyway, I could have used the oven broiler but I wanted the torch and I know I would have so much fun using it.

If you want to see the video and the recipe of this easy homemade from Tasty Facebook page, click HERE

Or you can check the recipe HERE

Bon Appetit!!!

Untuk para pembaca di Indonesia, berikut adalah resep nya.

Alat-alat yang dibutuhkan:

1. Remekin atau cetakan kecil tahan oven

2. Roasting pan
3. Mixer
4. Oven
5. Torch (obor untuk memasak) atau kalau tidak ada torch bisa munggunakan broiler di oven.


Roasting Pan




  • 4 cups (900 cc) heavy cream
  • 2 sendok teh extract vanilla
  • 6 kuning telur
  • 100 gram gula putih (50 gram untuk campuran telur dan heavy cream, 50 gram untuk taburan diatas creme brulee (masing-masing 1 atau 2 sendok makan)
Campuran heavy cream dengan vanila yang siap dipanaskan

Petunjuk pembuatan:

1. Masukan heavy cream dan extract vanila kedalam panci ukuran sedang. Panaskan di atas api sedang tapi tidak sampai mendidih.

 2. Di mangkuk ukuran sedang kocok telur dengan 50 gram gula dengan menggunakan mixer sampai telur berwarna agak kuning terang (kurang lebih 7 menit). Lalu masukan campuran heavy cream yang panas sedikit demi sedikit sambil terus di aduk dengan mixer.

3. Letakkan remekin (cetakan creme brulee tahan oven) di roasting pan. Masukan air panas kedalam roasting pan sampai air menyentuh setengah bagian dari remekin.
4. Masukan campuran telur dan heavy cream ke dalam remekin. Bakar di over yang telah dipanaskan dengan suhu 325˚Fahrenheit atau 165˚Celcius selama 45 - 50 menit. Crème brûlée akan matang walau dibagian tengah agak sedikit goyang atau jiggly. Pindahkan remekin dari roasting pan, biarkan dingin di suhu ruang. Lalu tutup bagian atas remekin dengan plasting wrap dan masukkan ke dalam kulkas selama kurang lebih 2 jam.

5. Pindahkan crème brûlée dari kulkas dan biarkan selama 30 menit di suhu ruang. Dengan menggunakan sendok, taburkan sisa gula di atas crème brûlée. Sekitar satu sendok makan. Dengan menggunakan torch (obor elektronik) lelehkan gula diatas crème brûlée sampai berwarna agak kecoklatan. Konsistensi gula yang dilelehkan akan mengeras. Jika tidak memiliki torch, bisa juga dengan mem-broil crème brûlée di dalam oven untuk melelehkan gula. Selalu di cek, angkat dari broiler jika gula sudah agak kecoklatan.Tunggu sampai lima menit sebelum menyantap crème brûlée.
Creme brulee yang sudah dingin

Taburkan satu sendok gula di atas creme brulee

Creme brulee dengan gula yang siap dilelehkan

Gula perlahan lahan menkristalisasi dan menjadi seperti karamel

Creme brulee yang sudah jadi

Creme brulee siap dinikmati
Selamat mencoba.

Monday, February 1, 2016

29 Things To Do To Celebrate Valentine's Day and The Leap Year

Didn't we just celebrate New Year? How come February is here already? I can't believe it, but I am excited. I am excited because February 2016 is a leap year. This month, we get an extra day. Isn't that great?

The excitement for February is not only for the leap year, but it is mostly for Valentine's Day. It is the day we celebrate love. Wuuuuppp Deeee Duuuuu, we celebrate love every single day, big deal,-but why NOT? Why not celebrate it with the one we love?.

Being silly is our expertise

I am married to a man who knows how to have fun, and I am planning to make this Valentine's Day extra special ( I mean FUN) for him and me (especially for him definitely for him). I am making 29 lists of celebrating both Leap Year and Valentine's Day.

Here they go:

1. Buy new lingerie.
Now let me ask you, when was the last time you bought a lingerie?
In marriage buying lingerie is like an investment. Plus, it is an excuse to check on what's new at Victoria Secret. Why the heck not?

2. Leave an "unexpected" note of love in his car. I will sneak out at night to his car after he goes to bed. Stick a note to his driving wheel. I have never done things like this but my husband has managed to do something similar for me in the past, a couple of times. It felt great to receive those notes, I am sure he'd like it too.

3. I will pick up a night to give him a full body massage. I am not very good at massaging him, often time, it is him who give me a massage.

4. Leave a love note in bathroom mirror with lipstick and lipstick kisses. This is new to me, I would hate cleaning the mirror with those lipstick mark but hey, once in a while (again) why NOT?

5. Surprise him with a romantic dinner, a candle light dinner at home after the kids go to bed.

6. Pick up a romantic movie to watch every Saturday night of this month at home, and I will "demand" him to watch it with me, to name a few; You've Got Mail, Gone With The Wind, Dirty Dancing, Notebook (ohhh my poor husband, he might feel tortured watching Notebook).

7. Kiss him whenever there is a kissing scenes as we are watching those movies.

8. Make his favorite chocolate covered strawberries, maybe this time it will be with DARK chocolate. Let's be healthier a little bit. Wait.....maybe chocolate covered bacon would be better.

9. Leave a "naughty note" on his wallet. A naughty note like, "you're grounded because you leave the socks on the floor.....again".

10. Write him a poem. This probably would be the hardest one for me to do. I can't write poem and I might just pick up something from William Blake or better yet, William Shakespeare.

11. Send him a love letter in a mail. Addressed it to him with no sender. It will be quite a surprise, I am telling ya!.

12. Buy him  a box of chocolate truffles from GODIVA. Just a small box cause I am cheap.  :-)

13. Fill a jar with Valentine candies and a note. A note that says "Good for a back rub" or "Good for 10 kisses" or "I'll cook whatever you want" or "It's okay to throw the towel in the bathroom floor, I'll pick it up for ya".

Ohhhh boy, I still have 16 more lists to go....(sigh)

14. Leave him a red lipstick mark on his shirt?, neck?, cheek?, arm?....ohhh this is scandal.

15. Buy him a new pair of his favorite boxer shorts (AKA Man-GERIE) from Tommy John (carried at Nordstrom). Check it out ladies, your man might like it too. It has good quality.

16. Make him a meal with the symbol of love. Like???????  A cookie shaped heart!!! and the kids will love it too. HA!!!!

17. Make him a pitcher of sweet ice tea and get a good quality of tea from TEAVANA store. He loves sweet ice tea. He has been good without drinking sweet ice tea in past couple of months. He used to make  a pitcher of sweet ice tea chilled in the fridge. He needs to be rewarded.

18. Take him out for a lunch during the weekday, whenever he is available. He pays. Duh!.

19. After the kids go to bed, ask him to dance with me. A very romantic slow dance then followed by hip hop.

20. Hide a little card  with love note on his jacket. Not just love note, write something naughty this time. Not a lovey dovey romantic note. This time a real naughty note, unlike the definition of naughty on # 9.

21. Take a shower together (hhmmmm, when was the last time? It's been a while).

22. Buy him his favorite beer or wine. Peel the label and replace it with my own Valentine's Day label. If I must, I will put my picture on it.

23. Buy him one of those rugged, woodsy smells cologne, shampoo and body wash. The OLD SPICE will do. My favorite is the Bear Glove. Hmmmmmm (I might end up using them myself).

24. Take him to watch Marlon Wayans movie ( the parody of Fifty Shade of Grey)  Fifty Shades of Black. He will get a good laugh watching it, and I will too!!!!

Almost there.....

25. Shave him....12 years of marriage and I have never shaved his face...ever. Have I? Okay, give him a good shave.

26. Give him 14 unexpected  kisses on February 14. Kiss him while he is watching a TV, kiss him while he is eating, kiss him while he is on the phone.....etc.

27. He loves singing, so I will ask him to sing our favorite song, "Beyond The Sea" of Bobby Darrin and "Your Song" of Elton John. After all I am going to do to him this month, I deserve some good songs, don't I?

28. This one will be off the record, people...

29. Make him watch one of my favorite cheesy movie, LEAP YEAR. Love me some Amy Adams and the sexy Matthew Goode. Perfect leap year to celebrate with the right movie. This is going to be F-U-N!

Have fun this month and remember, we all know love is not meant to be given and received just on Valentine's Day. Instead, it is to be practiced every single day of the entire year (minus those days when we have our PMS).

From us, the couple who love spending time with each other.