Monday, February 1, 2016

29 Things To Do To Celebrate Valentine's Day and The Leap Year

Didn't we just celebrate New Year? How come February is here already? I can't believe it, but I am excited. I am excited because February 2016 is a leap year. This month, we get an extra day. Isn't that great?

The excitement for February is not only for the leap year, but it is mostly for Valentine's Day. It is the day we celebrate love. Wuuuuppp Deeee Duuuuu, we celebrate love every single day, big deal,-but why NOT? Why not celebrate it with the one we love?.

Being silly is our expertise

I am married to a man who knows how to have fun, and I am planning to make this Valentine's Day extra special ( I mean FUN) for him and me (especially for him definitely for him). I am making 29 lists of celebrating both Leap Year and Valentine's Day.

Here they go:

1. Buy new lingerie.
Now let me ask you, when was the last time you bought a lingerie?
In marriage buying lingerie is like an investment. Plus, it is an excuse to check on what's new at Victoria Secret. Why the heck not?

2. Leave an "unexpected" note of love in his car. I will sneak out at night to his car after he goes to bed. Stick a note to his driving wheel. I have never done things like this but my husband has managed to do something similar for me in the past, a couple of times. It felt great to receive those notes, I am sure he'd like it too.

3. I will pick up a night to give him a full body massage. I am not very good at massaging him, often time, it is him who give me a massage.

4. Leave a love note in bathroom mirror with lipstick and lipstick kisses. This is new to me, I would hate cleaning the mirror with those lipstick mark but hey, once in a while (again) why NOT?

5. Surprise him with a romantic dinner, a candle light dinner at home after the kids go to bed.

6. Pick up a romantic movie to watch every Saturday night of this month at home, and I will "demand" him to watch it with me, to name a few; You've Got Mail, Gone With The Wind, Dirty Dancing, Notebook (ohhh my poor husband, he might feel tortured watching Notebook).

7. Kiss him whenever there is a kissing scenes as we are watching those movies.

8. Make his favorite chocolate covered strawberries, maybe this time it will be with DARK chocolate. Let's be healthier a little bit. Wait.....maybe chocolate covered bacon would be better.

9. Leave a "naughty note" on his wallet. A naughty note like, "you're grounded because you leave the socks on the floor.....again".

10. Write him a poem. This probably would be the hardest one for me to do. I can't write poem and I might just pick up something from William Blake or better yet, William Shakespeare.

11. Send him a love letter in a mail. Addressed it to him with no sender. It will be quite a surprise, I am telling ya!.

12. Buy him  a box of chocolate truffles from GODIVA. Just a small box cause I am cheap.  :-)

13. Fill a jar with Valentine candies and a note. A note that says "Good for a back rub" or "Good for 10 kisses" or "I'll cook whatever you want" or "It's okay to throw the towel in the bathroom floor, I'll pick it up for ya".

Ohhhh boy, I still have 16 more lists to go....(sigh)

14. Leave him a red lipstick mark on his shirt?, neck?, cheek?, arm?....ohhh this is scandal.

15. Buy him a new pair of his favorite boxer shorts (AKA Man-GERIE) from Tommy John (carried at Nordstrom). Check it out ladies, your man might like it too. It has good quality.

16. Make him a meal with the symbol of love. Like???????  A cookie shaped heart!!! and the kids will love it too. HA!!!!

17. Make him a pitcher of sweet ice tea and get a good quality of tea from TEAVANA store. He loves sweet ice tea. He has been good without drinking sweet ice tea in past couple of months. He used to make  a pitcher of sweet ice tea chilled in the fridge. He needs to be rewarded.

18. Take him out for a lunch during the weekday, whenever he is available. He pays. Duh!.

19. After the kids go to bed, ask him to dance with me. A very romantic slow dance then followed by hip hop.

20. Hide a little card  with love note on his jacket. Not just love note, write something naughty this time. Not a lovey dovey romantic note. This time a real naughty note, unlike the definition of naughty on # 9.

21. Take a shower together (hhmmmm, when was the last time? It's been a while).

22. Buy him his favorite beer or wine. Peel the label and replace it with my own Valentine's Day label. If I must, I will put my picture on it.

23. Buy him one of those rugged, woodsy smells cologne, shampoo and body wash. The OLD SPICE will do. My favorite is the Bear Glove. Hmmmmmm (I might end up using them myself).

24. Take him to watch Marlon Wayans movie ( the parody of Fifty Shade of Grey)  Fifty Shades of Black. He will get a good laugh watching it, and I will too!!!!

Almost there.....

25. Shave him....12 years of marriage and I have never shaved his face...ever. Have I? Okay, give him a good shave.

26. Give him 14 unexpected  kisses on February 14. Kiss him while he is watching a TV, kiss him while he is eating, kiss him while he is on the phone.....etc.

27. He loves singing, so I will ask him to sing our favorite song, "Beyond The Sea" of Bobby Darrin and "Your Song" of Elton John. After all I am going to do to him this month, I deserve some good songs, don't I?

28. This one will be off the record, people...

29. Make him watch one of my favorite cheesy movie, LEAP YEAR. Love me some Amy Adams and the sexy Matthew Goode. Perfect leap year to celebrate with the right movie. This is going to be F-U-N!

Have fun this month and remember, we all know love is not meant to be given and received just on Valentine's Day. Instead, it is to be practiced every single day of the entire year (minus those days when we have our PMS).

From us, the couple who love spending time with each other.


  1. Ow that's sweet. Nice post <3
    Am gonna try next year as soon as he became mine.

    1. Hi Indiana, that would be awesome. Doing it with your spouse is fun. :)