Tuesday, May 31, 2016

If Only a Gorilla Could Speak

Image is adopted from Time For Kids

It was just a day like many other, although I’ve seen more people up there, more than the usual day. They were taking our pictures, some of them smiled, some of them laughed, some of them had the expression I didn’t understand. I saw many children, as always. I like children. They are very cute and harmless. All of us here love children and babies. They are so much fun to play with. It’s been awhile since we had a baby gorilla here.

I saw my friend Harambe by the moat. He likes playing there. Harambe is a big gorilla but he is so gentle. I feel protected whenever he’s around me. I don’t know why I feel that way especially when I know there is nothing could harm us at this place.

That day, I heard a splash of water, I thought it was one of us jumping on the moat. But it wasn’t. I saw a little cute baby human, I know it’s a human because he is nothing like us. He must have fallen to the moat from up there. Where is his mother?  I saw Harambe came towards him, I knew instantly he wanted to protect that little baby human. I knew he wanted to make sure that boy is okay. Oh that poor baby boy, he must have been so scared. Harambe tried to pull him up. He wanted to take this little boy to a safer place but then I started to hear noises, unusual noises. I heard screaming, I heard yelling, I heard fear and all I wanted to say is “Please don’t be scared, he is not going to harm the boy, don’t make him nervous, have a trust in him. He is a gentle kind” but that words never came out of my mouth.

Then I saw Harambe dragging that poor little boy, away from the moat. Harambe looked so nervous, the boy was crying.  I heard more and more screaming and then one big loud noise like the one I use to hear in the jungle.
I saw my friend Harambe laid on the ground, he did not move.  I saw some familiar human faces that always have been nice to us here came to get the boy. I am so relieve the boy was okay.  I didn’t know what happen to Harambe. I thought they just put him to sleep and he’ll be awake again soon.

It was unusual day and I keep telling myself that this is a safe place for me, for Harambe and all of my friends. We have no fear of being hunted by humans and their guns. These friendly people here are feeding us, they ensure we eat nutritious food,  they check our health regularly. Although I like it better being in my own home, being free, climbing and jumping in the wild but it seems I have no choice. They never asked me or any of my friends if we’d like to live here, maybe they did but I didn’t understand their language. Now I am doubting myself if I ever said something that they assumed as a yes.

I didn’t see Harambe the day after the accident, I don’t see him today. What is happening to him?I am worried. All of the sudden, I miss being in the wild. I miss my big friend, Harambe.

---The Voice of Gladys----

One of the female gorilla that lives in Cincinnati zoo

In a memory of Harambe, a lowland silverback gorilla (an endangered species) who was killed by Cincinnati Zoo officials on May 29th, 2016 in order to save a life of a four years old who fell into the gorilla cage.