Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Day I Murdered Barnes and Noble

Not so long ago, I rant or more like showing excitement on my Facebook status about how much I love libraries and books stores. Yes! book stores, and I am beyond grateful that in this era of online shoppings, book stores still exist.

In America, the biggest book store chain is Barnes and Noble. There used to be two Barnes and Noble book stores within 5 miles of our house. One is closed down three years ago because of  the bad economy and one still stands tall. Although, there are still some Barnes and Noble stores across the country and the state, the numbers of the stores are no longer as many as they used to.

Almost every week I take my children to Barnes and Noble, we like shopping for books on discount (if any) or just finding books that we can buy within our budget for the month. We buy 10 - 20 books each year from them and the rest we borrow from the libraries. Sometimes, when we have nothing to do on a weekend afternoon, we visit Barnes and Noble just to hang out and read books without buying anything.

At Barnes and Nobles - How much they enjoy the book store

Two days ago, after picking up my children from school, we went to Barnes and Noble, we wanted to get a book or two for my oldest son. He ran out of books to read. He had books in mind. My son has some favorite authors and found two books that he likes but the price are not within our budget. That afternoon, I only wished to spend not more than $20 for him but the cost of the books he choose are about $15 each.

Then I quickly checked for those books on my phone. I don't buy books from Amazon for the kids (I somewhat want to support the existence of Barnes and Noble, my favorite traditional book store, by keep buying children's books there), I mostly buy books from Amazon only for my Kindle Fire.  The dollar amount listed for the books on Amazon are half of what Barnes and Noble offered. I did a quick math in my head and then asked my son if he would be patient enough to wait until Thursday if I ordered the books from Amazon because it's cheaper. He agreed.

When we were home, I looked for the books he wanted, then I look some more and more and more. I also looked for some books for my daughter. These two kids need to be occupied during Summer   and one of my mission is to get them into reading. I ended up ordering 11 books total but with the price I paid for Amazon and free shipping because I have Prime membership, is away cheaper than what I have to pay if I buy them from Barnes and Nobles.

The books arrived today and one will be arriving tomorrow. When my son opened the box, I realized I ordered one book twice. So we have extra book. Then I went online to return that one book I mistakenly ordered. Guess what? Amazon refunded my money but I don't have to return the book.  We are planning to give it to his friend.

As I looked at my children's excitement as they were opening the box, I have a slight guilt. I felt that I have betrayed Barnes and Noble. I secretly apologizing to my favorite book store and making excuses why I did what I did. "Sorry 'Barnie and Nobbie', I don't have the liberty to spend three digit dollars on books this month. I need them so desperately for Summer. The library sometimes doesn't have the books they want to read.  He is a picky reader as he used to be a picky eater. I didn't meant to hurt you".

Today, I murdered Barnes and Noble, my favorite book store, my favorite place to hang out with my kids and I felt horrible. But my wallet is happy.

Books for my son. I mistakenly ordered one book twice but look at his face. He's overjoyed.

Books for him and her


  1. i wish i could find those cool books in Indonesia's bookstores

    1. Muna, I wish you can too. Can you order books online from Amazon to Indonesia?
      There are so many great books in

  2. It happened here too...
    It's cheaper to buy the book online.

    1. What's the name of the website you shop for books online, Fee?