Sunday, February 10, 2019

Why Do I Take My Children To Visit College

It all started in Summer 2015, when we visited my brother in law who lives in Rhode Island. We made plans to visit a few places in the East Coast; Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

My brother in law lives close to one of the Ivy League College; Brown University. When I found out about that, I immediately thought about visiting some colleges as one of our places to visit during our vacation. During that 7 days of visiting the states I mentioned above, we were able to visit Brown University in Rhode Island, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) both located in Cambridge, a city very close to Boston, Massachusetts. We're so fortunate that during our visit to Harvard and MIT, we've got to have a private tour to see places that public won't be able to see because we know someone who works there.

In front of Harvard main library (July 2015)

MIT  (July 2015)

Inside Harvard School of Law library

Harvard dormitory

Since then,  college visits have become our go to places every time we visit other cities or states. Just like how we love to visit museums, we learn so much by visiting universities and most importantly, the kids were having fun.

To this day we have taken our two children to the following universities or colleges:
1. Brown University (Rhode Island)
2. Harvard University (Massachusetts)
3. MIT (Massachusetts)
4. Stanford University (California)
5. University of Cincinnati (Ohio,-My husband's alma mater)
6. Ohio State University (Ohio)
7. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA,- our home)
8. California Institute of Technology (California)
9. Pepperdine University (California)
Stanford University (November 2016)

Stanford University (November 2016)

UCLA School of Law (Summer 2018)

UCLA (Summer 2018)

Why do I take my children to visit colleges? Aren't they still too young? By the time I am writing this, my kids are in 7th and 3rd grade. They were only in kindergarten and 4th grade when I first took them to the IVY league colleges in 2015. If we talk to our kids at a very young age about how bad smoking and the use of drugs are, why don't we talk to them about how important and good college is for their future?

We had started college conversation early, even before we actually took them to their first college visit. By visiting college we want them to get the actual feels of how college actually looks like. We want our children to see the possibilities that are in front of them. We want them to see their career options. For example, my daughter,-like millions of other kids-, wants to be a doctor. What should she do in order to be a doctor? She needs to finish high school and go to a college to study medicine. By taking her for a visit to a college, she can see how the classroom looks like, the lab, the library, the dormitory, the student's lounge, and so on. 

California Institut of Techonology (January 2019)

The same thing applies to my son. He is always fascinated by science and math. Our visit to MIT has sparked his dream of becoming a scientist. While we're at MIT, we're able to tour their laboratory of technology. My son's eyes were lid up when he saw the lab. I remembered when we left MIT that day, he told us that he doesn't want to go anywhere else to study other than MIT. Harvard didn't even spark his interest.  

MIT (July 2015)

MIT (July 2015)

Would they go to those colleges someday? Maybe yes maybe not and their interests might change too. While my daughter is still dreaming of becoming a doctor, my son has shown interest in the job of lawyers. That happened after our visit to the School of Law at UCLA. That is how kids function, they are evolving. As parents, our job is to show them the possibilities. Someday, they might get rejected by their favorite colleges but that's okay. 

The bottom line is, both my husband and I believe that we really need to be going into their young minds so they understand that college is important for their future. We urge them to chase their dream and college can help them with that. We want to show them that when they work hard, more opportunities will open up to them.

By visiting colleges we want them to envision their future. With that, our journey continues.

California Institute of Technology (January 2019)

California Institute of Technology (January 2019)

Ohio State (January 2018)

University of Cincinnati, Ohio (June 2018)

California State University (January 2019)

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