Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Mother Daughter Trip

I am a big fan of keeping an old tradition, but I also like to create the new ones. In our family, we have so many traditions that we do with our two children, traditions that my husband and I had growing up with our parents. We also love creating the new ones of our own. Breakfast for dinner is the tradition we created when my son was four years old. Every Tuesday night, we have breakfast for dinner. We put up balloons around the house the night before our kid's birthday so they wake up to rooms full of balloons. Those are some examples.

Birthday is a big thing in our family but it is not big like we're throwing birthday parties for them each year. We give them gifts, toys, and books of their choice. Now as my kids are no longer interested in toys, I told them that I'd love to give each of them a gift of experience. I'd love to have a little gateway just the two of us; me and son on his birthday, and me and my daughter on hers. I started this tradition three years ago when my son turned 10. Having a two digits birthday is a big milestone. At first, I wanted to take him to Japan, but it seems too extravagant just for a birthday. It costs a lot of money too. Then my husband and I agreed that a little gateway out of town, a road trip will do.

I booked a nice hotel room for us. I took him for a movie, we ate sushi for lunch, dinner, lunch, and dinner. He LOVES sushi. We talked about anything he wanted to talk about. We had ice cream in our hotel room at 10 o'clock at night while watching Teens Titans on TV. It was a good time.

My daughter is turning 9 next month, so I made a plan by booking a nice hotel 85 miles (137 kilometers) away from our house. I visited the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa during our holiday adventure on December 26th, 2018. I've heard about this hotel for it's popular Christmas lights and displays. We didn't go inside and had no idea how the hotel exactly looks like. We were just amazed by their Christmas lights.  I typed in the hotel's name on my Hotels.com app and I was amazed by the photos I saw on the website and the great reviews.

Mission Inn Hotel and Spa is different than any hotel we have ever stayed at before. It's better than what I saw on the website. So much better. It is a historical hotel and landmark built in early 1900. A beautiful hotel that makes us feel like we're somewhere in Europe.  We had lunch, dinner, and breakfast at the hotel. I let my daughter choose whatever she wanted to eat from the menu. We explored the hotel for what it seems like its own city. She swam in the morning, afternoon, and at night. We explored every level, staircase, basement, verandas, and porches that led us to many different views and excitement.  Both my daughter and I were at awe. The view is better at night.

My daughter and I had a wonderful time. I gave my 100% attention just for her for in 24 hours, no undivided attention. On our day back home, while we're in the car, she told me how grateful she is that I took her on this short journey. She's looking forward to our next trips and adventures. It might be far, and it might be close. It could also be just in our backyard or the park across from our house. It is the time that we spent with each other that counts.

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